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Tilda Publishing
Site specific, Turkish related project inspired by 10 days spend in this country.

Left by it's owners house, but occupied by underprivileged people.
Us, suddenly saw this house and sat to drink ÇAY on the ground floor, were invited by the cafe owner to see this (not) abandoned place.
The woman, who kindly said "evet, yapabilirsin, mutlu olacağım" and lead us through all the process, brought us tea and told her story and called us her new children. One of us drew a portrait of her and her place.

and this wouldn't happen without amazing woman Seher, who invited us in the house she lives.

Now you can come and visit this cafe and ask the owner and the cooking woman about our project and probably they will show it to you.

Address: Istanbul, Ömer Hayyam Caddesi 11B

If you want to buy a drawing, just give them money, cause they really need it.
18/10 – 3/11





1 ноября

В углу

the rooms 2.0
1-16 august 2020
5 rooms

exhibitional project
the rooms/комнаты

8-14 august 2019

During the first trial art-project "The rooms" there were 7 autonomous exhibitions, which lasted for 1 week. There were more than 30 artists, performers and curators participating. The spaces for each exhibition were inhabited rooms, which never held art-projects before. Every room or the whole apartment had their own "world": working schedule, atmosphere, curator with concept and list of artists.The project is provoking the changing of private space and its functions, which is happening by transforming flats and rooms into public place available to curators, artists and visitors.

This way,"The rooms" project is:
Experiment on private space of the room through turning it into art-expositional site
Experiment on art works and performances, which are held in routine space of kitchen or bedroom etc
Experiment on people who will be a part of this action in any way: on artists, owners of the rooms, visitors (guests), experiment on their feelings and reactions
Experiment on people's trust.

We are planning to held the exhibition in rooms twice a year. The next one is sheduled for the end of Spring 2020. To see how it was the last time - watch our documentary video.

curator of the project:
arina frutova

editor: zina rykova

press: arina umanskaya

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F / U

22 november 2018


Куратор: Арина Фрутова

Человек находится посередине между природой и урбанизмом. Ситуации перетекают от выбора до существования между.

В нашем представлении, начало жизни идет от природы: флоры и фауны, человека изначально не существует. Настоящее - это мы, это the human, находящийся в природе и в городе одновременно, но постоянно пытающийся сбежать от одного к другому, и наоборот. Будущего не видит никто, но мы можем фантазировать: серость, металл, бетон, урбанистические просторы. Есть ли там человек?

Мы сделали групповую выставку, предоставив художникам тезисы и тему. Кто-то выбрал сторону F, кому-то оказалась близка сторона U, а некоторые синхронизировали обе части. Зритель окажется в ситуации между двумя и еще одним собирательным; попадет в кокон (буквально и нет) фантазии художников и куратора выставки.

Выбирать не обязательно. Размышлять и действовать.

Однодневная выставка-перфоманс.
22 ноября. 16:16 - до ночи
Campanula Tattoo&ArtSpace (Духовской 17)


Curator: Arina Frutova

The human is between nature and urbanism. The situations are changing over the choice and existence somewhere between.

We think that life begins from the nature: there are flora and fauna, without human. The nowness - it's us, it's the human, which is situated in nature and in the city at the same time, but always running away from one to another. We can't see the future, but if we imagine: grey colors, metal, concrete, and urban landscapes. Will be a human there?

We made group exhibition, giving the artists only theses and the topic. Some of them chose F side, for some U was closer, others synchronized both things. The visitor will be in situation between two sides and one collecting both; will get into a space of artists and curator fantasies.

No need to choose. Think and act.

One day exhibition-performance.
22 november. 16:16 till night
Campanula Tattoo&ArtSpace (Duhovskoy 17)

One-day exhibition and market of local artists

USPEX bar, Moscow

watch the video from this event

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